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le cou
Posted on 2010.03.21 at 22:51
 Lyrical age "is the period of youth when a person is a mystery to himself and therefore exhausts himself in endless self-contemplation. Other people are merely mirrors in which he searches for his own significance and worth."

"Lyricism is a form of self-expression; it contains the narcissistic principle. A person becomes mature when he leaves his 'lyrical age' behind. I get frightened by people who remain lyricists and nothing but lyricists all their lives. I have met wonderful lyric-poets who remained oddly untouched by education and never quite knew what it was all about. Yet they produced metaphors that left me breathless with admiration. It is as if all your life you exercised lifting a bookcase. And when all your life you do nothing but think up poetic images, you will develop a similarly fantastic prowess: but it seems to be like an anomaly, a defect, a tumor. I have the classicist prejudice that great literature calls for a broadly developed and mature personality."

Milan Kundera interview in The Politics of Culture, by Antonin Liehm.

le cou
Posted on 2010.03.19 at 14:59
 ----- says
About last time, I'm sorry. It was the wine and then it wasn't.

le cou
Posted on 2010.03.13 at 21:00

, originally uploaded by slutty_pimp.

Somewhere / anywhere (please, right now).

le cou


Posted on 2010.03.13 at 11:30

Patience, originally uploaded by Ann Molly.

le cou
Posted on 2010.03.08 at 23:48

miscforms_0004, originally uploaded by jamesnascent.

pas vraiment.

le cou

new earth

Posted on 2010.02.24 at 00:29

novia_tierra, originally uploaded by Gloria Vilches.

(new wife new life)

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