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White Light

white heat.

Tea K.H.
Perpetually in high-waisted skirts;
would prefer to be a boy.

[the-dispassionate-study-of] politics, black and white photography, camaraderie, capote, cartography, cigarettes, cinema, collarbones, covering distance/walking, darkrooms, day-old hairspray smell, departures-and-arrivals, espresso, gin lemon, godard films, honesty, itineraries, joy division, knees, library blitz!, literature, moleskines, mountaintops, poetry, postcards, raveonettes, retreating in history, scarlett o'hara, stage directions, stockings, sylvia plath/gas-oven suicide, tennessee williams, the great blue danube, the old world, theatre and dramatics, train travel, typewriters, wilderness, writing